Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Name That Shot

Dan Hennebry took some great photos of the Prems during their crushing win over Te Rapa.

I'll post them all but in the meantime here's a competition for you.

Look at the photo below and 1.) Name the shot. 2.) Tell us where you think the batsman is expecting the ball to go.

Click Comments below to respond.

Quick Results

Short Boards soonish, but in the meantime.

Prems are chasing 280 for 1st innings points, (Mark Commins well batted 55n.o.)

Div I lost 1st innings to Suburbs.

Div II.. Well you know how it goes, smack, smack, pound pound.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Division I Points Table at the end of Round 1.

Old Boys 53
Melville 42
Star 39
Te Rapa 33
Suburbs 32
St Pauls 30
Fraser-Tech 1.

Round II Sections
Section 1. (pool of death)
Old Boys 53
Star 39
Suburbs 32
St Pauls 30

Section 2. (pool of cuddles and fluffy toys.)
Melville 42
Te Rapa 33
Fraser-Tech 1.

Winner of each section plays in the final

Premier: Star vs Suburbs @ Jansen 4. We are on covers.

Div I: Star vs Suburbs @ Jansen 1. We are on covers.

Div II: Star vs Melville Red. Clyde.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Premier Points Table

Old Boys 55
Te Rapa 35
Fraser-Tech 31
Star Varsity 27
Melville 25
Suburbs 16

Still a bit to play for lads - if we want it enough.

Div I points and draw for the split round to come later in the week.

Premier Result vs Te Rapa 17/02/06

Bit of a turn around!!

Star 232/8
Aidan Bigham 52
S Mahabal 33
C Vette 30 n.o.

Te Rapa 61
C Vette 5-16


The Waikato Times Article is here. Amazingly Cam doesn't get a mention for 30n.o. and 5-16. The who result is credited to bad batting. Bastards!!! Biggles gets a mention for scoring 50.

Division I Result 17th February.

Old Boys 284

Star Varsity 91 (Yikes)

Star Varsity 237
R Brown 75
S Pilling 45

old Boys ~45/2

Division II Result 17th February

Te Rapa 143 (Pieter Geldenhuis 4-36)

StarV 146/4 (Rick 38 n.o., Ido 30 n.o., 'TP' 22)

These guys remain top of the table!!!

Cooch Windgrass Comes Good.

Cooch (aka Cam Vette) scored 30 and then took six-fer as the Prems smashed Te Rapa in their 50-over match.

The Division 1 side fought hard but lost to Old Boys, Rob Brown leading the way with a 75.

The Div 2 side got it going again as they pulverised Te Rapa. The usual suspects getting it done for them.

Short boards to follow later.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Division II Points Table as at 08/02/2006

Claudelands 43
Melville Green 39
Burbs Black 35
Old Boys 33

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Division II Result 04/02/06

In the loooonng grass at Raymond Park!!

Eastern Suburbs Black 133
Francois Botha 19/4
Nigel Tait 35/2
Glenn? 16/2

Star Varsity
134/2 off 17 overs.
Francois Botha 58 n.o.
Sean Mulcahy 29 n.o.

Division I Result vs St Pauls

Star Varsity 158
Gareth Haman 68
J Standen 5/47

St Pauls 149
Rob Brown 3/27
J Standen 43

Star Varsity 208/6 Declared
Mike Rowlands 50
Corey Hyde 48
Paul O'Halloran 32 n.o.

St Pauls
Corey Hyde 3/30

First Innings win to Star.

Premier Result vs Fraser Tech

Star Varsity 224
Sid Mahabal 64
Raj Korde 45 n.o.
P Stewart 5/64

Fraser Tech
Morne Sheepers 116
Mark Donnelly 3/63

Star Varsity 200
Grant Bell 52
Graeme Billington 52

Fraser Tech 72/4

The link to the times story is here

NB The premier result comes striaght out of the Waikato Times. If you think someone isn't getting a mention of their runs or wickets, please post a comment and let us know. We're happy to put it in later.

Division I Points Table 07/02/06

Old Boys 40
Star 39
Melville 37
Te Rapa 28
St Pauls

Interestingly, we play OBs at HBHS this weekend, Melville plays Suburbs, Te Rapa plays Tech, and St Pauls and HBHS slug it out.

So assuming we were able to beat OBs the points table at the start of the second round might look like:

Star 51
Melville 49
Old Boys 40
Te Rapa 40
St Pauls

and if we don't....

Old Boys 52
Melville 49
Te Rapa 40
Star 39
St Pauls

All to play for lads....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekend Result

The weekend can be summed up as follows:

Prems, outright loss despite half centuries to Graeme Billington and Grant Bell (Go the lefties)

Div I, first innings win over St Pauls.

Div II, same old, same old - another hapless team pulverised under their boer boots.....