Wednesday, November 29, 2006

England Head to Adelaide for the Second Test.

Love it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Senior B Result. 24/11/06. Spank, Spank, Pound, Pound.

no it's not porno. It's the Star Varsity Senior B side who started this season as they finished last season. Giving their oponents a right royal errr, thrashing.

'B's 2-dayer vs Melville Green at Jansen. Outright 10-wicket win achieved on Day 1 by Star Varsity.

Melville Green 94
Peter van der Kooy 16 overs, 6-37,
Paul Melville 3 overs, 2-4

Star V 160/9 declared off 26 overs.

Francois Botha 59
Pieter Geldenhuis 26
Peter van der Kooy 24

Melville Green 2nd innings 71

Eban Geldenhuis 9 overs 5-28

Star V 2nd innings 8 without loss.

Ouch, that's going to leave a mark. Nice work guys.

Movember - better late than never.


It's common knowledge that Mr Greg O'Carroll is a hirsute man. It appears he may have found his vocation. See below:

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Look out Merv Hughes.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Senior As (Blue) Match Report 04/11/06

Star V 'B's 161/9 (only 10 batters)
Pieter Geldenhuis 70
Dricus van Jaarsveld 27.

Te Rapa 164/3 in 33 overs

Steve Blackbourn 2/17 off 6 overs.

Boys battled hard but just couldn't pick up sufficient early wickets to exert meaningful pressure.

Star Fails to chase down The Rapa

Star Varsity Prems once again were lacking in their batting and disappointingly failed to chase down the 267 posted by TR.

Te Rapa batted first and made easy work of the fodder they were fed from the opening Bowlers, especially Morrow who had simply forgotten how to bowl. The runs spurted away on the boys who were gallant in the field all day, a rare sight for Star in past, with ‘Best Fielder’ Andre Le CLair leading the way with his nimbleness and pace around the outfield. It was good to see this aroused Aiden Bingham to display his fielding wares and both were outstanding.

Andre and Aiden’s boyfriend Joel entered the fray to put the squeeze on the runs and bowled good lengths to slow the runs down to singles and saved an aggressive Te Rapa from humping us round the paddock. Bobby Tagore also chipped in with some meagre overs followed by some heavily expensive ones to do his figures some injustice whilst managing to survive a straight drive powerfully hit back at his head. With Ali like reactions to fend it from his face, it could only be described as Animal instincts for survival which saved him from certain death. I was just thankful I didn’t have to give the Butter chicken man mouth to mouth.

Young Paul O’Hallaran snooped doggy dogged himself some wickets including Mark Orchard’s and snuck a little 3- for not too many. Bowled well like a typical Aussie battler who didn’t mind who or when he bowled, he just steps into the mixer, does the job and gets the wickets. Great Effort!

Fielding in general was a vast improvement and finally the boys are seeing rewards from weeks of practise and it definitely saved us chasing 300..

Innings of Star, the typically defiant 'Turtleman' Billington and the explosive Morrow opened up solidly against the swing and guile of Orchard and the accurate pop gun of Irwin. Morrow using his bat like a cannon to launch Orchy to the fence twice with brutality usually reserved for a dibbly dobbler by a batsmen on 250 NO. Irwin also got the cannon blast for a six.
It was 1-55 before Billington had a brain explosion, followed by a Morrow Cannon Backfire and it was all on. Fitzgerald was once again too hungover to perform for his Club added 8, Le Clair 8 and Bingham got his average up form 2.5 to 3. Aldridge provided a steady ship and with craft batted his way to descent 46, with Commins enjoying the middle order role with 32 before they both lost their way. Te Rapa quickly wrapped up the tail and the game without much fuss, leaving Star asking the big questions of it’s batters.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attention Turns to the Two Day Form.

With all three Star sides out of the running in the limited overs competition, attention now turns to the two-day competition, which starts on the 11th of November.

The Senior side takes on Fraser Tech, while the Senior A side meets Suburbs. The senior B side will take on the menacing sounding "Suburbs Black".

The venues for the first round are yet to be confirmed due to problems with pitch preparation at Galloway park. The blocks at Melville High School and HBHS are also in a questionable state. The pitch at HBHS was vandalised over the weekend.

The two-day competition could well have something of an artificial feel - if you know what I mean.

We'll keep you posted.

Shock Upset Rocks Senior A Side

In a stunning turn around in form, Sean "Hamstrings" Mulcahy defied the odds and defeated noted un-speedster Mark "Yapper" Donnelly in the 60-odd meter dash at the end of the days play on Saturday.

Yapper had trounced Richard "Dicey" Clay over the same distance two weeks previously.

Yap could not be reached for comment (unusually) but a source familiar with the situation said that the result had been affected by one of the participants "lazing around" in the field while the other older participant had "sweated blood".

Also, Seniors lost to Te Rapa, Senior A Blue lost to HBHS, and Senior A lost to Te Rapa.