Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Star Varsity Info Download. March 2011

Hello people! Truckloads going on, so make sure you pay attention!!

In this issue of the Info-Download.
  • Past vs Present Players Match
  • Prizegiving
  • Indoor Cricket Anyone? 
  • Off-Season Plan
  • Recruiting.
Well - here we are at the end of the season. Time to forget cricket and prepare for hibernation? Not a chance! There is still heaps going on that YOU need to get involved in!

Past vs Present Players Match AND Prizegiving.
On the 16th of April we will be holding our annual past vs present players match. Held at the Uni this game pits the club against some legendary past players. A fantastic day out, and a chance to remember the wonderful legacy that our club has.

In the evening following the Past vs Present Match we will have our prizegiving. That will involve much food and drink, telling of tall tales and recognition for the guys who have stood up and stood out this year. Good times! 

Mark the 16th in your calendar now and we'll be in touch soon with the detail.

Yes partners are welcome at the prize-giving (As long as you've said the L word... ;). 

Indoor Cricket Anyone? 
Jeff Neems, Eban Geldenhuis and Kevin Pryor are organising an indoor cricket team to keep us all amused for the off-season. Games will likely be Monday night and occasionally Sunday arvo. If you are interested in playing then please get in touch with Jeff. jeff.neems@waikatotimes.co.nz

Off-Season Plan
Stirlo has already been brooding over the program for the off-season. We want to give you all a break, but we are also keen to use the off-season to set ourselves up for an epic 2011/12 season. That means practising skills, building "conditioning" for those that need to, and getting new players into the fold.  The off season programme will get under way in June. 

There will be skills sessions on Sundays from 1-3, and conditioning with Justin on Tuesdays. - The exact date we start depends on who's keen really. If you want to take part then contact Stirlo edy_steel@hotmail.com 0210549777.

 The Tuesday sessions are for guys that are keen to work on their fitness and felt that it hindered them from playing to the best of their ability this season.  Nothing compulsory - but it's good fun - so why wouldn't you?

The best time to recruit new players to the cause is in the off season - and the intention is to be able to invite them along to off-season training and other activities like indoor cricket. If you have new players that you are going to bring to the club next year (or might bring) then please, please let us know some contact details as soon as you can. That's really important so we can gauge numbers and get in touch to start the indoctrination process!

That is all guys - we'll be in touch about the 16th April ASAP. Anything else you need to know about - please get in touch! 




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