Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Flip Out.

To help Billy with his state of mind, the Chief Blogger calls on the Senior side to get in behind their skipper this weekend.

I found this on You Tube. It stands out as the benchmark for supporting your skipper. Embrace it boys, embrace it. (Just pick your moment.)

Senior Match Report 21/10/06

Billy wrote this match report as part of his own healing process following this game. Please support him as he grieves. - CB.

The Skipper lost the toss third time straight after gentlemanly like offering them the call from the toss.

Tech took the opportunity on a wet and greasy field to bat and sure enough after five overs the boys were running into to bowl with a lump of Palmolive special.

Aldrige hardly faultered from his line and length and was unlucky to have the simplest of catches dropped off his bowling by the Keeper. Another fine bowling display given the conditions. He finished with 0-35 off 9.

Seekup did his job early and knocked over the top order bowling the talented Irishman. But seemed to take pleasure in making the batsman dizzy whistling the ball round his ears, backside and outside off stump to bowl 13 wides in his 2- 59 off 10.

Raji Raj and Damo came on and went for 6’s and 7’s for the next six overs which turned the game for Tech, until R. Brown, who was having none of the batsmen’s jolly at the crease. He made them take plenty of risks to continue their free hitting and got wickets as a result, 4-29 off 6.

B Tagore joined the fray and practised his grenade throwing skills but his first three overs went for 20 until he figured out how to bowl a wet one and his next 7 overs went for 13.

The boys went to the break cold wet and wondering about the Rugby Final that night.

Star got off to a good start 60 without loss before Commins succumbed on 22 to a watery eye and a dislodged contact together with a ball that just did everything in the air making him play all over it, another unbelievable delivery, incredulous way to get out and Mark was fined for such a dismissal once again.

Big G came into bat, hit a quick 25 and played the only ‘push’ most of us have seen that went for six. A handy 25 and star 2- 112 going well.

Bigham in and out for ‘0’, caught behind offering no shot, no footwork.
Korde playing to mid wicket LBW for 1.
Damo bowled 6.
R.Brown caught behind 0.
C Hyde lbw playing to mid wicket - 2
C. Johnston 7 run out trying to run out Billington
B Tagore 0 handed his old club his wicket trying to run one down past the keeper with two slip and a gully in position. Why? Bobby Why??? 0
Seekup, typically swashbuckling -11.

Billington who opened had again the pleasure of batting with his entire team to finish on 71.

Star’s batting yet to find its stride and is still potentially explosive. But its needing to eradicate its collapsing virus and front up with some mana. Another game there for the taking but Star lacking resilience in the middle order.

It’s a big game this weekend V’s Old Boy’s at Clyde Park, in a must win to stay a finals chance for both teams.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Senior As (Blue) Match Report 21/10/06

Fraser Tech 261/9
Scott Parker 2/62
Mehul 2/49
Vinae 2/49
Steve Blackbourn 2/23

Star V 134 all out
Shaun Blackbourn 28
Rick Fourie 25
Our team, containing a number of ring-ins, battled hard on the day but were outplayed.

The End.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Senior As (Red) Match Report 21/10/06

Star Varsity Red 217 off 44.4 Overs
Charlie Rivers 35
Dricuss Van Jaarsveld 76
Cam Vette 29
N ross 4-38

Melville Green 138
M Townsend 71
Paul O'Hallaran 4-21 off 6 overs (Hatrick)
Andre Le Clare 1-9 off 6 overs.

Magical Hat-trick secures victory.

Another fine lower order batting performance spearheaded by Dricus Van Jaarsveld with a block/bashed 76 not out, ably supported by late addition Cam "Cooch" Vette in a partnership of 80 plus runs. Star reached a score of 215 all out after looking decidedly short of runs at 132/9.

The real story of the day came in a the field with the Reds locked in atense battle. Melville were on track in terms of their run rate and had half their wickets intact. Paul O'Halloran snared a hat-trick starting with a surprisingly given LBW, followed by a skied sweep shot caught with a spectacular dive by the keeper, then a "talked the batter into taking a wild swing" catch at close-ish cover by that man Dricus (his third catch of the day)

An excited girlish squeal confirmed the deed as Paul jumped excitedly in the air.

The hat-trick turned the match with the final wicket being taken soon after.

To end the day Joel turned in a solid if somewhat repetitive effort as the Sheriff
A solid win leading the blues to a 2-1 record with Te Rapa and Boys High still to come.

Some Nuggets with the Dross.

After a great week last week, things took a turn for the worse on the weekend.

While the Senior A Red side beat Melville Green, The Seniors were outplayed by Tech, and the Senior A Blue side also went down to Tech.

There were a few treasures in amongst the bad stuff. Graham Billington compiled an excellent 71 for the Seniors, and Paul O'Halloran produced a classic hatrick to turn the game vs Melville for the Reds. Dricus Van Jaarsveld scored an infuriating 76 for the Reds with a combination of herculean swings and his patented "Too Late" Cut.

Boards to follow....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meet Mr Hennebry The Younger

Introducing Cody Alexander Hennebry born September 15th weighing in at 3.24kg or 7lbs 2oz. (10lbs 4oz holding dads MRF, bit more with the shotgun.)

Cody is fit and well, except for a minor shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle injury sustained trying to get born too fast. Cody expects to be available to play boo-boos in 2-3 weeks. Unless he injures something else.

Congratulations to Alex and Miranda.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let's Go Old School

Check out this classic Star Varsity team photo dating back to the 1994-1995 Season. There are some true club classics in here! For those of you who don't recognise him, that's Nick Shoston as a virgin, bottom right.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Star Seniors In Like Flynn vs Melville

The Star Senior side racked up its first win of the season chasing down Melville’s 203 off fifty overs.

Graham Aldridge’s opening bowling spell was sublime, while Damo got the yips at the other end much to his own disgust. Raj Korde did the same at the other end and suddenly Aidan Bigham was brought into the attack and continued the spraying.

Big G got back into the attack to stem the oozing run flow just before drinks, and star went to the break needing some serious repairs to its bowling machines. Luckily, Nick Shoston stepped up and bowled 10 overs of descent off-spin with wickets and turned the game around. Star capitalised and soon the players stood in awe watching the ball hit to its fielders repetitively for no runs and hopefully realised that bowling one-side of the wicket really does work in cricket.

Obviously Damo did, he came back into the attack and found the money. Bobby Tagore with his two step shuffle action bowled an excellent 10 overs with two for not many, even bowling at the death with another spinner young Paul O’Halloran on debut for Star. Young Paul got into his work early and held his own under pressure.

Star considered it had got off lightly at needing to chase 204 to win. It started in typical Star fashion, 3 – for not many, Fitzy lazily spooning one to point, and Commins once again being given out to a mystery decision. He is now to be fined each week for such dismissals, and for whingeing he has to field anywhere else other than slip, so the coffers should be full by the end of the year.

Damo was sent in to hit out, and instead tried to play properly. He succeeded for a while before spooning one up to ‘anybody near the wicket’ and out for 22 just when he looked like he was about to entertain us for the arvo. Danny Flynn meanwhile was working his eye in and started setting about the run chase with relative calm. Bigham soon departed, offering little to the score bringing Billington the Turtle into the action.

Flynn began asserting himself at the crease while Turtleman noodled and fondled the ball about in between putting the odd four away, holding his end up. This allowed Danny Flynn creative license to punch off the backfoot, drive, cut and pull and generally have a great ole time of it as he got to 64 and within twenty of the target. It was a lesson in one day batting and a pleasure to watch. The honour of hitting the last runs in the 35th over was left fittingly for Graham Aldridge who effortlessly flicked one over mid wicket boundary for a six and game over, thanks for coming lads good luck for the rest of one dayers we’re off to the rubbery dub for a few brewski’s.

Melville 203/8
G Smith 44
Keir Bettley 37
Simon Hill 36n.o.
Bobby Tagore 3-26

Star Varsity 205/6
Daniel Flynn 64
Graham Billington 32
X. Tras 32

Senior Points: OB 4, ES 2, FT 2, TR 2, SV 2, MV 0

Monday, October 16, 2006

Senior As (Blue) Match Report 14/10/06

Star Varsity 176 all out.
Ferdie Fourie 94
Glen Nyschenn 29
Francois Botha 17
Eben Geldenhuis 13.

Old Boys 124 all out.
Eben Geldenhuis 5-31 (8 overs).

A stunning win for the blue side. The CB was fortunate to be watching this game from the other pitch and the mighty blues looked the goods from ball one. Ahhh actually, from ball two. Ball one, Rowdy John Blair nicked out. But from then on FANTASTIC.

From ball two the Blues took control, paced by a brilliant 94 by Ferdie Fourie, who went painfully close to posting the clubs first century of the season.

Amazingly the Blues took a wicket first ball in the field and never looked back. Another Geldenhuis crushed Old Boys and the Blues claimed a famous win.

Senior As (Red) Match Report 14/10/06

Fraser Tech 240/7 off 50
Mike Rowlands 3/50 off 10
Sid Mahabal 2/45 off 9
Joel Thompson 1/28 off 10

Star Varsity Red 244/7
Mike Rowlands 45
Corey Hyde 71 n.o.
Joel Thomspon 20 n.o.

Starting the day with two Star teams at Raymond park with only 18 players between them didnt bode well, however with stragglers turning up through the day both teams ended with a full complement and deserved (?) wins.

The Reds skipper continued his run of never having won a toss in a non-final game and Tech chose to bat first. More dropped catches allowed Tech to post a competitive total of 240 of their 50 overs, with strong bowling efforts by Mike Rowlands (again) and Sid Mahabal. Mark Donnelly was unlucky not to have 3 catches in 3 balls in his final over as all were dropped (either on the field or in the first row of the grandstand).

The chase started well with Donnelly and Dave Herbert having an opening partnership of 49 (while scoring only 26 off the bat).

Wickets fell with regularity, with only Mike Rowlands standing out in the top order falling just short of an entertaining 50.

Corey and Joel stayed around to finish the job though, Corey finishing with a solid 71 not out (including some lusty blows) and Joel playing a solid supporting role, noodling 20 not out.

A good win by the boys with 2 and a bit overs to spare, with super sub Steve Blackbourn and Pieter Geldenhuis not required to bat

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Next Assignments

Next Saturdays (21st of October) assignments.

Seniors (1-1) play Fraser Tech at Steele #1
Senior A Red (1-1) play Melville Green at Melville High School
Senior A Blue (1-1) play Fraser Tech at Raymond #1

A Perfect Weekend.

The club well and truly kicked it into gear this weekend, atoning (look it up) for a poor start the week before.

The Senior side overpowered Melville, with big contributions from Bobby Tagore (Noted ex Premier Bowling Trophy holder) with the ball, and new recruit Daniel Flynn with the bat.

The Senior A (Red) side, did their best to drop (literally) their match against Fraser Tech, but a fine innings from Young Tyro Corey Hyde with plucky lower order support from Joel Thompson saw them home.

The result of the weekend has to be the effort of the Senior A (Blue) side, which is our third side in theory only! The Blues belied this label with a powerhouse win over the old foe Old Boys. (Old Boys thrashed the Red side last week.) All of this while keeping up a constant stream of cheering, clapping, groaning, howling and jumping!! (And you should have seen them in the field.) Brilliant stuff guys, the other teams could learn a lot from your approach in the field!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Look what I found!

The chief bloggers wildest dreams come true. I have found piles of great video clips. Here's a classic!! Is that Sean Mulcahy taking the catch?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Star wheels in the firepower for game II

The club is excited to announce the addition of some extra firepower to the ranks for match day two.

Graham Aldridge, ND Opening bowler will make his debut for Star Varsity this weekend against Melville.

Graham or "G" is an opening quick who bowls superb line and length, and can dominate with the ball.

He will also add firepower to the batting in the middle order.

Graham is joined at the club by Daniel Flynn, who can open the batting or bat middle order.

Daniel is a superb young talent. The stylish left hand batsman will be looking for big innings to cement his form going into the upcoming one day series for ND. Daniel is also a sharp fielder.

Star Welcome both Daniel and "G" to the Club this weekend, they will add firepower to its Senior line-up.

Graham and Daniel will be available for Star until they join the ND squad for the first class season.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Senior As (Red) Match Report 07/10/06

The Second Senior A side had a tough assignment first up against HBHS.

You will recall that this side is our champion Senior B side, entered into the limited overs comp for pre-season toughening up.

This worked a treat with the the Bs skittled for 74. High score was noted wide-boy Dan "Let me lay you" Asplin.

In reply HBHS were in trouble early, but their talented middle order - with plenty of players on their way to Premier cricket, got them home. Best bowling figures to the spectacularly named Mehil Chhagan. Mehil managed to get two wickets in the first over. (Sign that man up!!!)

Star Varsity 77
Dan Asplin 21 n.o.

HBHS 80/3
Mehil Chhagan 3/24 off 6 overs

Hang in boys it get's easier.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Senior As (Blue) Match Report 07/10/06

Star Varsity Blue played Old Boys.

Old boys won the toss and batted first.

OB 250 all out
Charlie Rivers 2/44
Mark Donnelly 3/46 off 6
Mike Rowlands 3/46 off 10

Star Varsity
185 all out
Dave Gunn 57
Richard "I'll never be run out by Yapper" Clay 37 n.o.
Mark "I'll run him out to maintain my average" Donnelly 30

Post match sprint race: M Donnelly def R Clay by 3 metres (going away)

A disappointing first up effort in the field from the boys with up to 10 chances missed in the field.

This allowed Old Boys to get away to 250 off 40 overs.

The match was still winnable with Old Boys fielding a makeshift bowling attack, but after young openers David and Sean got us off to a steady start, and young Charlie nicked out, the potent looking middle order succumbed to some pretty average shots.

It was left to the skipper to compile a steady 50 but he lacked support and when he went, the game was gone.

Richard and Yapper (the king of lost causes) put together a steady rearguard action to keep the NRR respectable, but it was all over in the 46th over, when OBs put the wicketkeeper on to bowl and Yapper nicked out.

A disappointing first up result, but all is not lost as the draw could still allow the Blues to progress if they can put together some big wins.

Prems Match Report 7/10/06

Check out Billys match report! The man's on fire! (Probably the bump on the melon.)

Star opened the season with a loss going down to the ‘Burbs’.

Bowling first Star put the pressure on early with Seacup dominating the batsmen and taking 3- 30, getting into their top order.

The spinners to chipped in, Nick Shoston snaring some good wickets and even a catch while being in dreamland at point.

It was great to see Star take all it’s catches on offer too, recent fielding training really paying dividends.

No one but the great Mohamed of cricket will ever understand why Shoston went for the glory shot trying to throw the stumps down from five feet side on, while the batsmen had stopped in the middle of the wicket to abuse himself for about to be clearly run out, and missed!

Bowling the ‘Burbs’ out for 189, Star went into bat losing the Comminator early after looking in good touch, followed by Raj, who run himself out possibly homesick for his goats back home in India.

Billington dug in, started to struggle to find his usual his cannon shots, noodling his way up and down the wicket even boring himself to death.

Biggles got a deadly Jaffa first up from a dirty left arm inswinger that saw him nick behind, and head back for an early shower after opening his batting account with a Golden Duck.

Shoston fancied a bit of the action and began to attack, but soon got bowled by a mystery ball that again only Mohamed of cricket knows how it got through onto the stumps.

Morrow come and went for 3, and Star were suddenly looking down the barrel. The Browndog came to the crease with his usual gusto and clobbered the shot of the day, an Exocet missile sent over covers.

Billington was still noodling away unfashionably, before having to retire hurt temporarily after missing a dibbly dobbly bouncer that he missed and took a crack on the skull for his efforts.
Browndog ran himself out, and Pilling offered one lusty blow before joining the procession.

Malcom Seacup offered typical Star tailgunner resistance at the end with some bludgeoning blows but alas it was too late.

Star headed back to the sheds with a loss and seriously needing to question its batting methodology for the next match in a game that had a lot of positives to offer.