Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Activities.

Hi All,

Reminder that the Prize Giving and Past vs Present Players match are on tomorrow.

The Past vs Present Match is at Innes Common. 10.30 kick off. Thanks to everyone who asked to take part, this is the squad that is playing (lots of subbing and swapping). I'll text shortly with a few more details.

Andrew Stirling
Gary Campbell
James O'Brien
Janneman Basson
Jeff Neems
Jespreet Tiwana
Mark Commins
Mark Donnelly
Mridul Dikshit
Reg Prasad (c)
Rishi Chadha
Rohit Bawa
Josh Autridge
Toby Hawes

If the weather turns to sh*t, then I'll send out a cancellation text.

Prizegiving is at the Eastside, it will start at 6.30pm with drinks, followed by the presentations and BBQ dinner, if you haven't told us you're coming then please let us know ASAP. Otherwise no sausages for you... :)

I'd get there on time if I were you, as our mates at the Easty are putting $1000 on the bar for us - but it won't last forever....

Cheers and see you tomorrow.



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