Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday cricket, from the HCA

Hello all, just to let you know the current state of parks for play on saturday (weather permitting).
If you are unsure of whether we are playing or have not been contacted regarding cancellations you can contact me on saturday morning at 84567438 or 027340321.
Current state of grounds is that Steele is playable and hopefully they have finished mowing Clyde, however there are still some goal posts up which shouldnt impede on the game.
Innes common has been mowed and marked however it was heavy with grass and there is clumps of cut grass every where.
Swarbrick is the worst and they have not yet got the goal posts down, it may be that we will have to change this venue if things do not improve.
I would ask that all teams take cones or markers to the grounds as the boundary and inner circles are faint.
For Premier teams I have brought black insulation tape for each team to be used as a mark of respect for the loss of our old cricket campaigners Eddy Marr, Eric Thomas and Doug Hemi.
I will also bring score sheets to each Premier team.
If this weekend is rained off we will push the competition back a week in order to get a full round off 20/20 in as from looking at the weekends available we can still fit everything in.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

20/20 This Weekend.

Hi Guys,

Quick reminder that 20/20 starts this weekend. We will have 2 teams in operation - Prems and "Combined Grades"

Each team plays 2 20/20 games each Saturday. Contrary to what I said in my last e-mail the games start at 10am and 2pm.

You will receive a text asking if you are available, around midday on Wednesday. If you don't have the credits to reply then feel free to respond by e-mail to this address.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Information Download.


There's a few things to bring you up to speed with.

20/20 Draws.
The 20/20 Rules and Draws are on the website - check it out. It all kicks off next weekend with a Premier grade and a "Combined" Grade, in which any team can play. We have entered a team in each grade.

There are a morning and afternoon games (10:30am and 3pm Starts), so we can mix and match players a bit between morning and afternoon.

A reminder that we will start sending availability texts this week, probably on Wednesday afternoon. When you get it, please reply ASAP, it helps us a lot to know early who is available to play. If you can only play morning or afternoon, then please let us know that in your reply.

The site the sends the texts on our behalf seems to have a problem with sending extra texts to 021 at the moment. If you get the availability text twice, then feel free to reply just the once.

We will have training on Sunday the 25th 1pm as usual With daylight saving starting  this weekend we will start full evening trainings this week. On Tuesday and Thursday, training officially starts at 5pm, but we have the nets booked from 4.30pm, so feel free to get in early and warm up.

Subs for the season are now due.

For students/unwaged subs are $110 before Xmas and $140 afterwards. (Students need to provide us your student number and the name of the institution you attend please)

For the rest of us subs are as follows:
Premier and Senior A Players $140 before 31 December 2010 and $170 afterwards.
Senior C Player $110 before 31 December 2010 and $140 afterwards

You can pay by cash or cheque to any one on the committee, but we prefer you pay by electronic banking. Our account details are as follows:

Payee name: Hamilton Star Cricket Club
Payee account number: 01-0315-0090848-00 
Bank : ANZ.

So there you go! You are up to speed.






Facebook Group – Hamilton Star University Cricket Club

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kick Off In Three Weeks.

Three Weeks to go guys! 

Have you checked out the website?

A couple of new things in the calendar that you need to be aware of too.

25th of September -  We have 2 pre-season matches against our mates from the Te Puke Cricket Club.
29th of October - The Official Opening of the new nets.

Numbers are looking great for the new season, in fact if we can find a few more players we might even have four teams. 

It's up to YOU to make that happen though! If you have a mate or two who are handy cricketers who you think might like it at Star, then invite them down to training to have a look at the nets and have a chat.  No hard sell, just a yarn.

Don't forget, training this Sunday at 1pm. See you there.



Thursday, September 02, 2010

One Month to the Start of the Season

OK Lads!

 It's getting real now! The HCA has confirmed the 2nd of October as the first Saturday of the season.

It all kicks off with Premier and Mixed Grades 20/20 Competitions, which run for the month of October.

That mean that there are only four Sunday trainings until the start of the season! Best you get down to training then ay?

Thanks to those who took the time to come to the AGM on Sunday (Both of You), and congratulations to Cooch, (Campbell Vette) who was elected to the board. The rest of the board remains unchanged.

Other News
Have you seen the new website? A bit easier to get around than the blog (which we will continue to use for team updates and results), 

Have you responded to our planning survey? If not, please help us out and complete it today.

Finally, congratulations to Damien Morrow and his soon to be wife Liz, who get married this weekend (Outside the cricket season...). Be sure to drop him a text and wish them luck. Good on ya mate!!