Thursday, August 16, 2007

AGM and New Competition Format

The Hamilton Star Varsity Cricket Club AGM will be held on September the 9th, 1pm at the Hamilton junior Cricket Rooms. These are located upstairs behind the University Tennis Courts on Silverdale Road.

All members and players are encouraged to attend and participate. It's more interesting than you think - and Mark Commins will be performing the presidents report this year West Coast Hip-Hop styles. Represent!

Following is a summary of the competition changes for the 2007/2008 season. IT'S GONNA BE BIG.

Season kicks off 6 October. There will be 3 days (6 games) of 20/20 to kick off the season. This will mean (hopefully) that all limited over and two day games will be played on grass apart from the first limited over game on the 27th of October.

There will only be 8 two day games. There will be one full round, then teams will be seeded and you will play 3 further games before a three day final.

If the first day of a two day game is called off, the second day will be a one day game rather than a limited overs game. This means there will be 110 overs in the day and you can bat a max of 60 overs. You can also end up with winning and losing draws which we will explain another time.

Senior A
Limited to 8 teams. Season kicks off with 4 days of 20/20 on 6th October. Entries will be limited to Senior A teams only, unlike previous years where Senior B sides could be entered in the Limited overs comp (we entered two teams in this comp last year).

There will then be one full round of two dayers (14 days) and one full round of limited overs (7 days) mixed together. Again the hope is all limited overs matches will be played on grass.

Senior B
Remains the same with a later start in november, 19 playing days and a mix of limited overs and two day games.

Get into it ya buggers.