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Hello? Is This Thing On?

By popular demand (well one guy), we're bringing back the blog.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Off Season Info-Download

Hi All,

Hope the off-season is treating you well. We had a few things to ask you about so we thought it was time for an info-download. 

Off-Season Training.
We won't get heavily into pre-season training until July/August, but we were wondering if anyone would like the nets open on Sunday afternoons for casual training. If you would like to use the nets on Sunday afternoon please e-mail us back and let us know that you are keen. 

Off-Season Social Trip
The board are considering having an off-season social trip to Tauranga or the like. The idea would be to leave on Saturday morning via minivan, engage in some outdoor entertainment in the afternoon and then hitting the bars in the evening. We would crash at a backpackers and head home in the morning. Costs would hypothetically be between $75-$100 for transport, entertainment and accommodation. 

Hypothetically the entertainment might be made up of combat laser tag, clay bird shooting and blokarting

If you are interested in this trip then please let me know. (date TBA, we are just finding out who is keen at this point.)

Off Season Recruitment
We are expanding to four teams next season, adding a Senior B team to the Prems, As and Cs. 

 We currently have roughly 50 players in the "squad", to fill 33 places each Saturday, and most weeks we have exactly the right number or 1-2 extra.

To have 44 players on the field each weekend, we will need about 65-70 players in the squad - and YOU are the best way for us to find them.

We are looking for good players (and good people!) to top up our squad - they don't have to be superstars, we need players at all levels. Ideally they'd be guys who aren't playing Hamilton club cricket at the moment - we don't want to just poach off other clubs, UNLESS they aren't happy at their club and are looking for a change. (Valley players are fair game :))

A quick reminder of why they'd want to come..
  • A well run club.
  • Competitive but friendly atmosphere.
  • Four competitive teams catering for all levels.
  • Excellent club training facilities.
  • Well organised and regular trainings. 
  • Club Coaches and trainers.
  • The Chance to work the The Scoreboard at Seddon Park (if that's what floats your boat)
  • Social events featuring free sausages. 
  • P.I.M.P caps and baggies that enhance attractiveness and playing ability.
You get the idea. 

If you have guys that are interested, then please let me know a name, email address and cell phone number, and of course they are always welcome down at training.

So that will do for now, have a good week! 



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prizegiving, Coaching, Recruiting

Hi All,

Prize Giving was brilliant on Saturday night. 

The weather was dicey, but the Eastside Tavern hosted us brilliantly, providing part of their lounge bar, the BBQ, and free drinks pretty much for the whole night.That was incredibly generous of them - and I'd encourage you all to repay them with a bit of patronage over the winter. (Google it)

So the party went extremely well, and the night was made even better by a large contingent of past players - who showed the love they still have for the club, and the strength of the bonds they formed playing for Star up to 20 years ago. 

The prize giving ceremony was a nice way to recognise some stand-out performances this year and the prizewinners really reflect the diversity that exists in our club - which is really cool.

The full list of prizewinners is here on the website.

Thanks to everybody who came down.

Cliff Dickeson will be running a "Getting Started" coaching course for beginners on the 7th May at the University indoor nets (between gates 3A and 3B) form 9.00 am to 2.00 pm.
Could you please register your interest with me as soon as possible? If you want to do the course you'll need to buy a manuals at a cost of $25.00.

Remember that we want to add an extra team to the club in the off-season. That means we need your help to bring in new recruits. If you have people that you have talked to about coming to the club then please send on some contact details so we can get in touch.

That will do! Enjoy your time off, but keep in shape, pre-season starts in June.



Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Activities.

Hi All,

Reminder that the Prize Giving and Past vs Present Players match are on tomorrow.

The Past vs Present Match is at Innes Common. 10.30 kick off. Thanks to everyone who asked to take part, this is the squad that is playing (lots of subbing and swapping). I'll text shortly with a few more details.

Andrew Stirling
Gary Campbell
James O'Brien
Janneman Basson
Jeff Neems
Jespreet Tiwana
Mark Commins
Mark Donnelly
Mridul Dikshit
Reg Prasad (c)
Rishi Chadha
Rohit Bawa
Josh Autridge
Toby Hawes

If the weather turns to sh*t, then I'll send out a cancellation text.

Prizegiving is at the Eastside, it will start at 6.30pm with drinks, followed by the presentations and BBQ dinner, if you haven't told us you're coming then please let us know ASAP. Otherwise no sausages for you... :)

I'd get there on time if I were you, as our mates at the Easty are putting $1000 on the bar for us - but it won't last forever....

Cheers and see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Star Varsity Info Download. March 2011

Hello people! Truckloads going on, so make sure you pay attention!!

In this issue of the Info-Download.
  • Past vs Present Players Match
  • Prizegiving
  • Indoor Cricket Anyone? 
  • Off-Season Plan
  • Recruiting.
Well - here we are at the end of the season. Time to forget cricket and prepare for hibernation? Not a chance! There is still heaps going on that YOU need to get involved in!

Past vs Present Players Match AND Prizegiving.
On the 16th of April we will be holding our annual past vs present players match. Held at the Uni this game pits the club against some legendary past players. A fantastic day out, and a chance to remember the wonderful legacy that our club has.

In the evening following the Past vs Present Match we will have our prizegiving. That will involve much food and drink, telling of tall tales and recognition for the guys who have stood up and stood out this year. Good times! 

Mark the 16th in your calendar now and we'll be in touch soon with the detail.

Yes partners are welcome at the prize-giving (As long as you've said the L word... ;). 

Indoor Cricket Anyone? 
Jeff Neems, Eban Geldenhuis and Kevin Pryor are organising an indoor cricket team to keep us all amused for the off-season. Games will likely be Monday night and occasionally Sunday arvo. If you are interested in playing then please get in touch with Jeff.

Off-Season Plan
Stirlo has already been brooding over the program for the off-season. We want to give you all a break, but we are also keen to use the off-season to set ourselves up for an epic 2011/12 season. That means practising skills, building "conditioning" for those that need to, and getting new players into the fold.  The off season programme will get under way in June. 

There will be skills sessions on Sundays from 1-3, and conditioning with Justin on Tuesdays. - The exact date we start depends on who's keen really. If you want to take part then contact Stirlo 0210549777.

 The Tuesday sessions are for guys that are keen to work on their fitness and felt that it hindered them from playing to the best of their ability this season.  Nothing compulsory - but it's good fun - so why wouldn't you?

The best time to recruit new players to the cause is in the off season - and the intention is to be able to invite them along to off-season training and other activities like indoor cricket. If you have new players that you are going to bring to the club next year (or might bring) then please, please let us know some contact details as soon as you can. That's really important so we can gauge numbers and get in touch to start the indoctrination process!

That is all guys - we'll be in touch about the 16th April ASAP. Anything else you need to know about - please get in touch! 



Monday, February 14, 2011

Training Tomorrow (15th Feb)

Hey guys,

Quick reminder that we have a special guest at training tomorrow.

It will be well worth your while to be there on time, so see you there ready to go at 5.15.



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xmas Info Download

Hi Guys - it's the last info download for the year! Merry Xmas. Ho ho ho.

You should all have received an e-mail confirming your subs for the season. Don't forget, if you don't pay by Xmas they go up by $30. So do it NOW! You can pay electronically, or give the cash to any one of the Board. Mark Donnelly, Campbell Vette, Mark Commins, Reg Prasad or Andrew Stirling. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

The bank account details are as follows:
Payee name: Hamilton Star Cricket Club
Payee account number: 01-0315-0090848-00 
Bank : ANZ.

As you should know by now we will be running the scoreboard at Seddon Park for three internationals against the Pakistanis plus a T20 between the Whiteferns and the Aussie Women
  • 28th December -  2 x International T20 D/N
  • 7th-11th January Test Match
  • 3rd February International One Day Match D/N
We have OK numbers for the T20 and the test match, but we could use a couple more. Please get in touch at

National Cricket Club Super Camp (Flash as)

On the 5th of January (12-8pm) Star Varsity will be running a National Cricket Club Super Camp at the Waikato University, in conjunction with the National Bank.

This is an awesome chance for you to meet some Black Caps, receive a bit of coaching/training and have a bit of fun coaching kids.

This is also a nice money-spinner for the club - and that money goes to buy us cool stuff (like flash nets). 

So really why wouldn't you do it? Get in touch with Andrew Stirling to reserve your place now.

Nasty fasties! Shane Bond will be running the bowling session.

There's been a few issues with security at Galloway and Jansen Park recently, with items disappearing from the sheds. All players are reminded to use common sense security measures.
  • Don't leave bags open or leave valuables where they can be seen or easily accessed.
  • Teams should attempt to have their scorer sit next to the locker rooms.
  • If you find someone in the locker rooms who you don't know and doesn't have a good reason to be there then challenge them and ask them to leave.
  • If you need to go into someone else's changing room for whatever reason, tell someone you're going and/or take someone with you.
Pads for Sale.
Rishi Chada has a pair of SG pads which he wants to sell for $70,  and he will throw in a SG kit bag for FREE. 

He will bring the pads to practice on Tuesday for anyone who wishes to have a look at them. The pads are near Brand NEW and he has only used them once at the practice once only. - So these are not the lead lined pads that Rish uses on Saturdays. (6 run outs in 9 innings!)  You can contact him at  or 0211638079.

Cheers all.