Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Off and Running.

Alrighty then - the season is underway under beautiful clear skies.

The prems had a couple of close loses, but there were some strong performances, including a few from débutantes. Stephan "Moon Boot" Crossan impressed with the bat and leads the averages, while Zeb (not a new guy) scored well in both matches and tops the aggregates.

With the ball, it's hard to go past Ivan Schroder who went for a miserly 3.75 RPO in 8 overs on Saturday. In the wicket taking stakes Brett Langford and Garry Campbell have three each. Every bowler picked up at least one wicket on day one (except the skipper.).

The Combined Grades side rolled over the top of their two opponents on the lush paddocks of Discovery and Raymond Parks.  Looks like Rohit Bawa  made the most of the opportunity with 30 odd runs and 4 wickets.

Things will get a bit harder for the CG side, as they go up against Old Boys and Suburbs - established As sides.

We have all the stats (well most of the stats) on the website check it out stats page.

The availability text will come out tomorrow afternoon - please respond quickly, or if you don't have the credits, feel free to let us know via e-mail that you can play.




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