Saturday, April 17, 2010

09/10 Prizewinners.

The Star Varsity 09/10 Prizegiving was held at The Don on the 17th of April.

Congrats to all of the prizewinners.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hamilton Star University – Presidents XI vs Secretarys XI Match Rules

Length of Innings.
35 over’s constitutes a match, however if rain affected the match may be reduced to 15 overs, any less constitutes a rained out match (tie).

If play is reduced through rain during the second innings the first innings score shall be calculated at runs per over x the number allocated to complete the second innings.

The Ball.
A four piece match ball of Kookaburra or Platypus make in good condition.

Restriction on placement of fielders.
There shall be no more than 5 fielders on the leg side at any time.
For the first 10 overs only 2 players may field outside an imaginary 30 yard circle and for the last 25 overs only 5 players may field outside the imaginary 30 yard circle.

Number of overs per bowler.
11 fielders must bowl 2 overs.
No bowler may bowl more than 5 overs.

No Ball.
A penalty of 1 run and the ball to be re bowled.

Short pitched and dangerous deliveries.
Any delivery which bounces and passes or hits the batsman above the shoulder is deemed a short pitched delivery and should instantly be called a no ball.
Any delivery which passes or hits the batsman above waist height on the full is to be considered a dangerous delivery and the umpire is to react in the same manner as a short pitched delivery.

Wide Ball.
A penalty of 1 run and the ball to be rebowled.

LBW Rules apply, but must be plumb. For either of the captains to be out LBW the umpire must have proof that the ball was hitting the centre of the middle stump.

Retirement of Batters
Batters must retire when their score reaches 40.

The captain may retire a batsman after 20 balls if he feels that they are batting too slowly.

Once all batsmen have batted, retired batsmen can resume their innings.

Caught Behind.
Any batsman who is caught behind and does not walk will be zipped up in a gear bag until the completion of play.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Action Packed Wind-Up to the Season.

The 2009/10 Season might be winding down – but we're going out with a bang!

Senior C Competition

Congratulations to the Star All-Stars who won the Senior C final on Saturday.

You can read all about their triumph here.

Prize Giving plus Past vs Present Match.

The 2009/10 Prize Giving is scheduled for the 17th of April. Venue TBA. It will be in the evening though - 6:30pm start.

On the same day we will be playing our annual Past vs Present match. A game between a selection of players from the club and some former greats. Please let us know if you'd like to play.

The game will be played on the #3 pitch at the university, just outside the Don.

Seddon Park Game.

The teams are selected and all is in place for the Presidents XI vs Secretarys XI Match on Thursday.

You can read more about the big day out here.



End of Season Match At Seddon Park. Thursday 8th April

We have a fantastic opportunity to play an end-of-season match at Seddon Park on Thursday the 8th of April.

Thank you to all of those who registered to play. The team lists are below.


Presidents XI vs Secretaries XI
Venue : Seddon Park main wicket.
Date/Time : 8th April 12.30 match start.
Format : 35 Over Match. (min 2 overs per fielder, automatic retiring at 40)
Cost: $20 pp which includes ground rental and dinner.
Drinks: BYO (No glass!)
Dinner only: (no cricket!) $15

Entrance to the ground is via Gate D, which is at the Southern End of the Ground. See map.

Please be there on time. We need to be punctual so as not to lose the light at the end of the day.

The rules of the match are here.

Here are the Teams:
Secretaries XI
Dan Hennebry
Duncan Howarth
Glen Germaine
James O'Brien
Mark Donnelly
Michael Rowland
Peter Geldenhuis
Phil Hyde
Reg Prasad
Rohit Bawa
Ryan Crossley
Shabir A Azizi
Toby Hawes

Presidents XI
Aaron Barbour
Aidan Bigham
Andrew Stirling
Bobby Tagore
Brendan Ryan
Daniel Griffin
Daryl Gibbs
Dave Gunn
John Blair
Josh Autridge
Mark Benseman
Mark Commins
Richard Bracefield

Sunday, April 04, 2010

All Stars Turn It On in the Senior C Final.

The All-Stars powered to victory over of Suburbs in the Claude Hamilton Cup Final.

We were at absolute full strength and knew we would be hard to beat if we played well.

As it turned out we played very well! In fact just about everything we tried turned to gold.

The Skipper won the toss by a clear margin and had no hesitation in sending Burbs out to bat.

We had Pieter and Eban to open up and they started well against Burbs two best batsmen.

The tone was set for the day when Eb got Russell to mis-time his favourite pull shot, hitting the ball only as far as Yap at midwicket who took a comfortable catch over his head.

Three overs later their #3 was back in the shed! The skipper adjusted the field, and Eban detected a change in the wind during his run-up and so bowled an outswinger thus inducing the nick which was nicely taken by Gibbo. We were on our way!

Meanwhile Pieter (5 overs 0-22) was plugging up an end nicely, and deserved a wicket - he didn't get it, so the skipper made the change, bringing in Dave Gunn.

Results were immediate and spectacular! Dave picked up the other opener with a perfect long-hop, hit straight to Shabbir at point, then the next over he had two more - bowling one with a jaffa that just flicked the top of off stump and then having the new man well caught by John at Mid-Off. The wickets dried up from there for Dave but he finished with great figure of 7 overs 3-13.

Meanwhile Eban (7 Overs 3/33) had finished his spell with a wicket in his last over, getting the batsman to top edge a pull, which was well called for and taken by Gibbo.

The mediums seemed to be doing the trick - so we went with Duncan to replace Eban, and Duncan made us wait a whole over before picking up an LBW, it must have been plumb because umpire Ricki had the finger up before Duncan had turned around...

In his next over Duncan had his second LBW - catching Nathan in front and we only needed one more wicket to bundle Burbs out.

The tail didn't wag for long as Shabbir (3.2 overs 2/8) delivered the coup de grâce, bowling their #10 for 16.

So an outstanding effort from the all-stars - we bowled well, and took our chances, no dropped catches and only couple of "croquet hoops" in the field. It would be churlish to name names - so ask Dave if you want to know who it was.

We were left chasing a comfy 111 for the win.

Burbs tried to stay positive but they needed a quick wicket to put some pressure on us. But they didn't get it, with Yap neatly negotiating the first over, before Duncan took 12 of the second.

Yap only lasted into the fifth over, but at that point we were on our way at 33/1.

Dave was down to come in next but he didn't like the look of the bowling and sent Gibbo out instead.

It looked like a master stroke for a while as Gibbo looked set to roll along in multiples of 4. But he was adjudged LBW and departed for 3x4. 47/2

Dave was next in, and he shared a solid 40 run partnership with Duncan, to which he contributed 1. But then he too was adjudged LBW - a tough call as he was well down, but the Umps finger was spring loaded and ready to go! 87/3 and the end was in sight.

Eban contributed a solid 13 (giving Duncan a chance to rest), but was out in comical fashion - struck on the pad, he assumed he was out and started to walk, only to have the keeper whip of the bails as the umpire gave him not out LBW. We pointed out to him that he was in fact not out, but he seemed happy enough to come and have a sit down. 104/4.

Safe to say that with only a few runs needed and tons of overs in hand that Duncan knew what to do, and the skipper started warming up his handshake. Unfortunately Duncan thought he was supposed to run down the wicket straight past the ball and get stumped - which he did and so departed for a hard hit 67. (Well played)

So we needed 3 for the win - and it fell to John to trick the bowler into a wide and then bust out his trademark "where the f**k did that come from" pull shot to seal the win with a four. 113/5 off 18 overs.

A great win to end a fantastic first season for the All-Stars. The old-guys enjoying the opportunity to relive some glory days - and the new-guys having the luck to win a championship in their first season.

Onward and Upward!!

POD Points
Duncan 2
Dave 2
Eban 2