Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Premier Result 19/03/06

Star Varsity won the toss and (unsurprisingly) elected to field.

Melville 259
A Harwood 75
M Fleming 66
K Bettley 48
Raj Korde 4/35

Star Varsity 417/8 dec.
Mark Commins 48
Graeme Billington 82
Nick Shoston 104
Raj Korde 56
Corey Hyde 37
Aidan Bigham 36
T Sutton 3/107

Melville 196/2

Result is a fist innings win to Star. Some big scoring going on there. Congratulations to Nick for the ton.

The "Giant Balls" award goes to Corey for strolling out for his first premier bat and hitting the first two balls for 6 and 4.

The Waikato Times Story is here. Nick gets a mention.

NB The premier result comes straight out of the Waikato Times. If you think someone isn't getting a mention of their runs or wickets, please post a comment and let us know. We're happy to put it in later.

Division 2 Result 18/03/06

2-dayer vs Melville Red.

Star Varsity 312/8 (65 overs).

Rick 122
Sean Mulcahy 58
Francois 31
Ferdie 24

Melville Red 69/8

Pieter Geldenhuis 8-22 off 11 overs including a hatrick. Fair to say he was all over them like a rash!!

This match was abandoned becuase the other Division II matches were called off - and our guys played on the wrong pitch!!!

Alternative One dayer vs Melville Red.
Melville Red 161
Steve Blackbourn 3/26
Rick 2/11
Nigel 2/25

Star Varsity 165/0 from 22 overs
Ferdi F 87 n.o.
Sean Mulcahy 59 n.o.

Score says it all. Smack Smack - harder, mistress Star, Harder.

Clearly the Division II Side didn't miss superstar Peiter G at all! Well done guys.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wicketkeeper Stops Ball With Face

When Joel Thompson hit the tip of off stump to take the eight wicket in St Pauls second innings, the ball flew directly at Dave Gunn (Erstwhile semen salesman from China, back for a break. See Wicketkeeper Gets Engaged Moves to China to Sell Semen). who had been convinced to keep.

Rather than risk damaging borrowed keeping gear Dave stuck his mellon in the way and the ball hit him flush on the outside of his left eye socket. F L U S H.

15 Minutes later he was at A & E.

On the positive side there is no permanent damage, although he does have a tiny fracture of the left hand side orbital thingy.

On the negative side the blow hasn't helped his looks at all.

Quick Results

Hi All,

The Prems responded to Melvilles 260 with 414/8. Fantatic to see them putting up big numbers. Especially fantastic to see Nick Shoston putting on a ton!

First innings win to Star.

The Division I side recovered from 14/8 and 54/9 to be 157 all out. They were unable to finish off St Pauls who finished 8 down. Dylan Faull got his first Division I Six-for.

First innings win to Star.

No clue about what happened to the Division II side, but they were sighted at other grounds pretty early in the day.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Days of our Selection Episode I.

In this exciting episode:

Navjot burns himself on a hot curry and pulls out.

Harry takes Dante as his new bitch.

Marcel takes "The Doctor" off Harry because he needs someone to put it down - straight up.

Harry is caught short and takes Tiny Tim for odd-jobs.

Without Tiny Tim and Dante, Marcel calls for something a little harder.

But now Dante isn't sure he want's to be on top, he prefers to swing it. Lou just wants to have fun, Tiny Tim misses his crutches, and Marcel just wants eveyone to play nicely together.

Dante goes off Harry, and want's "The Doctor" to go instead.

Meanwhile thousands are injured by flying toys....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look The Part

Here are the first shots of the new trackies, ready to go with Star Logos proudly displayed.

All you need to get yours is $40 or more as a donation to the club. Pay the money, get pimped Star styles. (Word to your opener.)

Your tracksuit will be available at Thursday training.

Nothing Funny to say about this sorry.

But Sid was beginning to nag me about getting him on the net.


Remember our new tracksuits will be available at training from tomorrow night. (16th of March)

To obtain your tracksuit, you need to make a donation to the club of $40 (or more) and be a financial member of the club.

No money no tracksuit.

Monday, March 13, 2006

"My Goat Would Like It Here"

It's the best we can do. If you have a better caption, please feel free to add a comment.

Mmmmmmm Juicy

So, Galloway Park in March. You can almost guarantee a Bunsen burner. Low, slow and dead. Right?

Wrong. Check out this absolute greentop which was revealed when the covers on the Prems pitch came off on Saturday.

They are playing on the right-hand side.

Clearly the grass is not greener on the other side, haw haw.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Announcing The Birth of the Next Great Allrounder.

In his fathers own words:

Rory O'Carroll was born on Saturday morning at 5.34am.

Clocking in at a whopping 6 pounds 13. Don't worry, he will be bigger than Rowdy, bowl quicker than his old man, bat better than Martin Crowe and catch better than Kerry Aitken....(no Kerry I haven't forgotten).

This old bugga is bloody stoked.

Better than taking 'Six fa'.


On behalf of the club, congratuations Greggles! More info on the O'Carroll Family Blog

Old-School club members should remember ex President, As Captain, one-time medium pacer/off-spinner/allrounder, full-time funny man Wilson Alley. Over the weekend Wilson and his partner celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter. Nice one.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Premier Result 04/03/06 vs Suburbs

Eastern Suburbs 282

Star Varsity 262
M Commins 80
A Bigham 50
G Billington 35
R Korde 29
B Jowsey 7/65

Eastern Suburbs 206
R Cowley 66
N George 36
D Hoffman 32
R korde 4/57
R Brown 3/19

Star Varsity
130/5 when play was called off.

First innings win to Suburbs. An improved effort, and a good team attitude on the second day really made a difference, from where the chief Blogger was standing anyway.

Division I Result 04/03/06 vs Suburbs

Star Varsity 182
D Gibbs 40 -odd
S Pilling 40 -odd

Suburbs 334-8 dec
B. Tagore 3-43

Star Varsity 273-5
Shaun. Blackbourne 100 n.o.
C. Hyde 46
D. Gibbs 34
D. March 29
C Johnson 28

Result: First Innings to Suburbs.

Division II Result 04/03/06

1 Day match vs Old Boys.
Old Boys 135
Pieter Geldenhuis 6-35
Francois Botha 3-43.
Star V 137/6.
John Blair 24,
Dricus 28 n.o.
Pieter G 28 n.o.

A good victory, in a game that had plenty of verbals! (CB What a surprise.)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Opportunity to Own a Slice of History

Once in a lifetime comes an opportunity like this.

The Star Varsity Blog has captured rare footage of Graeme Billington executing a forward defensive stroke.

The weight is forward, the head is still, and the bat stands straight, like a monument to all defensive shots ever played.

To own your own copy of this amazing, limited edition 1 of 100 shot, send your own body weight in fifty centy pieces to the Office of the Chief Blogger.

Behold the majesty....

Good News Story

When Shaun Blackmore chucked in playing for his school team in favour of senior cricket for Star Varsity the consensus amongst the wise heads was that it was great to have him in the club and he was a prospect for the future.

It was resolved to encourage him and allow him to develop.

It appears that Shauns development may be moving ahead a little faster than expected.

On Saturday the Division I side were under the pump after conceding a hefty first innings lead to Burbs. Shaun responded with a chanceless and unbeaten century, 100 n.o. when the game was called off.

Shauns father Steve is a club veteran and was on hand for the big moment, having participated in the Division II sides thrashing of Old Boys. A sweet moment I'm sure.

Shaun was the sheet anchor of an excellent batting effort from the lads, Star Varsity was 273/5 when play was called off early.

Well played!

Board to follow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lumberjack Phone Home

If anyone knows how to get hold of Andre Le Clair in Hong Kong, can they please let us know, either by leaving a comment here or contacting Mark D.

Dave Gunn in China wants to hook up.