Monday, May 30, 2011

Off Season Info-Download

Hi All,

Hope the off-season is treating you well. We had a few things to ask you about so we thought it was time for an info-download. 

Off-Season Training.
We won't get heavily into pre-season training until July/August, but we were wondering if anyone would like the nets open on Sunday afternoons for casual training. If you would like to use the nets on Sunday afternoon please e-mail us back and let us know that you are keen. 

Off-Season Social Trip
The board are considering having an off-season social trip to Tauranga or the like. The idea would be to leave on Saturday morning via minivan, engage in some outdoor entertainment in the afternoon and then hitting the bars in the evening. We would crash at a backpackers and head home in the morning. Costs would hypothetically be between $75-$100 for transport, entertainment and accommodation. 

Hypothetically the entertainment might be made up of combat laser tag, clay bird shooting and blokarting

If you are interested in this trip then please let me know. (date TBA, we are just finding out who is keen at this point.)

Off Season Recruitment
We are expanding to four teams next season, adding a Senior B team to the Prems, As and Cs. 

 We currently have roughly 50 players in the "squad", to fill 33 places each Saturday, and most weeks we have exactly the right number or 1-2 extra.

To have 44 players on the field each weekend, we will need about 65-70 players in the squad - and YOU are the best way for us to find them.

We are looking for good players (and good people!) to top up our squad - they don't have to be superstars, we need players at all levels. Ideally they'd be guys who aren't playing Hamilton club cricket at the moment - we don't want to just poach off other clubs, UNLESS they aren't happy at their club and are looking for a change. (Valley players are fair game :))

A quick reminder of why they'd want to come..
  • A well run club.
  • Competitive but friendly atmosphere.
  • Four competitive teams catering for all levels.
  • Excellent club training facilities.
  • Well organised and regular trainings. 
  • Club Coaches and trainers.
  • The Chance to work the The Scoreboard at Seddon Park (if that's what floats your boat)
  • Social events featuring free sausages. 
  • P.I.M.P caps and baggies that enhance attractiveness and playing ability.
You get the idea. 

If you have guys that are interested, then please let me know a name, email address and cell phone number, and of course they are always welcome down at training.

So that will do for now, have a good week! 




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