Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello? Is Jake Losing a Bit of Perspective Here?

"If it means cutting the finger off, if that's the worse case scenario, if that's the last resort, I'll do that, there's no way I'm missing this."

Jacob Oram, who is nursing a broken finger, is willing to go to scary lengths to play the World Cup.

Thanks Cricinfo.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cricket Goes all Rock and Roll

Copied from NZ Herald site. Can't wait for the Hawke Cup Challenge.

Cricketers arrested after alleged celebration

Police have arrested and charged three Taranaki representative cricketers after an early morning vandalism spree in Napier.

Another two unidentified members of the team are also alleged to have been involved in the drunken rampage through Napier's city streets, the Taranaki Daily News reported today.

The three men who were arrested are Andrew Mason, 18, David Good, 23, and Keith Muller, 26.
The team was celebrating its win over Hawke's Bay, which allows Taranaki to challenge for the Hawke Cup.

Police alleged members of the team kicked rubbish bins over, damaged street signs, traffic lights and letterboxes, and ripped branches off trees, throwing one through a car's windscreen.

The Taranaki Cricket Association is investigating the incident.

The trio were arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour. They were bailed to appear in the Napier District Court on March 1.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tuesday 27th Training is at Jansen Park

We're having an open wicket training at Jansen Park on Tuesday the 27th. 5pm.



Weekend Results


The B's posted a solid win over Old Boys. Rowdy John Blair again on fire!!!

Old Boys 175 all out (were 54/5).
Helgard DeLange 5/53 off 9 overs.

Star Varsity 178/1 off 32 overs
(John Blair 79 n.o., Ferdie Fourie 51 n.o., Sean Mulcahy 27).
Strong win, to retain our second placing in the grade 6 points behind Te Rapa, due to them having beaten us in a one-dayer recently.

The As completed their thrashing of Fraser Tech, requiring just an extended morning session to take the required 7 wickets.

The prems write-up in the paper says it all - looks like the lads outplayed 'Burbs on day two, but couldn't make up the required ground.

That Paddy Goodwin is an ungrateful bastard. We gave him 10 bats last week!!!!

"Eastern Suburbs (350-9 dec) had Star-Varsity on the ropes at 80-4 in reply on the No 2 pitch at the close of play last weekend, but the Burbs had to really battle on day two before finally clinching outright points in the last over of the match.

Bobby Tagore (49) gave the Star first innings a late boost but the side was all out for just 170 runs and asked to follow on.

However, the second innings was more productive, Graeme Billington (74) leading the way, supported by handy efforts from Mark Commins (32), Damian Morrow (31) and captain Robert Brown (31) as Star totalled 285.

Eastern Suburbs then needed 106 off 18 overs to win the match but the side struggled to reach that target, eventually reaching 109-7 for victory with just two balls to spare, Paddy Goodwin whacking two fours in the final over to win the game. "

Copied from the Waikato Times....

Friday, February 23, 2007

Huss vs The Hoff

Australian Cricket has a new savior! (He looks so natural)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fantastic Sight - Nuff Said

Captions Please

Check out this shot of the Seddon Park scoreboard in all it's glory.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow. Wow. Holy Shit. Wow. Wow.

So a brilliant night in the Tron last night, amazing result - amazing, lucky, wild, gutsy, brave chase.

I'm sure the boys on the scoreboard were knackered.

Interestingly, Macca said at the press conference that he didn't realise he was so close to his century because the scoreboard was "a bit slow" and he wouldn't have gone for the striaght six if he'd know!!

Macca - you're welcome.

I'm sure the board-boys have a good story to tell.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Other Random Good Events.

Sorry - just had to chuck this in here -Last week Rowdy John blair produced a blistering 114n.o. for the Bs vs Claudlands at Steele Park.

Outstanding work John.

The other sides should note that the only two centuries this season have been scored by Bs players!!!

Weekend 17th of Feb.


The prems let Burbs have 20 bats in one innings and unsurprisingly they put on a nice big score.
The bright spot of that day was provided by young Chris, who revelled in his demotion from the B's to the Prems and wound up smashing 37 late in the day.

The As put on 328 for 5 versus an under-strength Tech, powered mainly by big scores from celebrity guest batsman Daryl Gibbs and new guy Jeff East.

The lads then turned around and bundled out Tech for 58 with Shaun (Typhoon) Blackbourn picking up 7/16 including a hatrick. Tech are 58/2 in their second dig (guess who has both wickets.) I'll give you a hint. It's NOT Dave Gunn.

The top side played a One-dayer vs Suburbs Black.

Star V, 289/7 off 45 overs.
Rick Fourie 115,
Glenn Nysschen 40,
John Blair 35.

Suburbs Black 244 all out.
Glenn Nysschen 4/42 off 8 overs
Anton van der Merwe 3/53 off 9 overs.

A fresh boatload of Saffers must have come in at Bridge Street. (welcome lads.)

Panic in camp was eased somewhat when we were able to reduce their run chase score at final drinks by 29 runs!, due to abysmal score book keeping.

Solid Progress on the Next Generation.

The CB is proud to announce the arrival of Blake Bryan Donnelly on the 2/2/07. He weighed 7 pounds and 13 oz.

Blake is a chip off the old block - born to bowl left arm orthodox and will be noted for his predigious turn and mean streak - capable of bowling a 140km arm ball.

He will of course be an all-rounder with the full array of shots.

Indications are that he will be a machievelian captain, who will begin planning the demise of batsmen months in advance....

He is shown here practicing his umpires stare on his mum...

Where the Hell Have You Been?


The CB has been somewhat pre-occupied with little things like staying employed, EVERY member of his family having a birthday (including a new one) and well just stuff really.

Sorry about that. I don't like to let our loyal readers down - either of you. (Hi mum and dad.)

I'll lay a few random posts on you and try and get you up to speed...