Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Sorts

Hello all,

It's been 2 weeks since our last e-mail and it seems like a fair bit has happened in the meantime!

Availability Text This Week
First - the easy one.  The availability text this week will come from a different number. 0275352882 is the number of our beloved leader Mark Commins. 

Secondly the BIG ONE. We are very happy to announce that the club has a new sponsor. The Eastside Tavern on Grey Street. The club has a long and storied history with the Eastside, at one time it was our official clubrooms. Many, many a great night has kicked off there. Our Prem side will be known as Eastside Tavern Star Varsity. We would strongly encourage you to make a point of enjoying a beer or two there, especially after a hard days cricket. (Or an easy one...)

We'll be working hard to show the Easty plenty of love this season. 

Through the Eastside we are arranging some polo shirts for us all. These will be $20 each. So make sure you keep a $20 note on hand - we expect to have these on sale next week. Once we're all looking flash in our polo shirts, the next step will be playing caps.

The draws for the rest of the season are up on the web site. The Prems kick off against HBHS at Steele 1, the As have Fraser Tech at Discovery #1.

The Cs competition doesn't kick off until the 6th of November - so plenty of time to complete our intensive pre-season programme. This is a bit of a bugger really, cause we're all set to go - but the HCA reckons that the hold-up is completing repairs on a number of the artificial pitches we use. 

20/20 Washup.
The 20/20 got a bit pear shaped for us in the end.

The Prems emulated their heroes the Blackcaps (ahem), coming close in all 5 matches without getting over the line. There were some good individual performances though - props to Stevie and Zeb on the batting front for highest aggregate and best average respectively.  Gold stars for Reg (Lowest RPO), Gaz (Most Wickets) and Ivan (Low RPO and wickets too!) (Bowlers who bowled 10 overs or more...)

The Combined Grades side started brightly enough, but they are clearly not a wet weather side, with a slew of injuries in the week 2 wetness, and they never really got it going again. Never mind though - Ryan still managed to aggregate 82 runs at 27. With the ball Rohit posted a miserly RPO in the low 4s, and Omaid took a wicket every one and a half overs! (9 overs, 6 wickets!)

All the stats are, as always on the website.

Right, so that'll do for another week . Consider yourselves up to speed and we'll see you at training soon.



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