Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Senior B Match Report Day 2 vs Suburbs.

Suburbs, 63 run 1st innings lead. 2nd innings 162 all out - Shaun Blackbourn 14 overs 6/45, denied a 7 wicket haul by his father taking a deserved (& only, in the match) wicket.

226 target was looking forlorn at 75/5 (Shaun Blackbourn 22) with 9 available batters, but an aggressive 80 from Scott Stowers supported by Paul Melville 24 tightened things up, - eventually a draw was achieved thanks to two 'mates' turning up at the latest possible stage to see out the last few deliveries. Star V 200/9.

Results and the Weekend Ahead

Hello All,
Weekends Action:
The Premier side started the day with a handy lead, but Te Rapa who were boosted by the return of Mark Orchard really put the blow torch on the Y-Fronts. The guys hung in there for a draw, taking 6 points out of the game to Te Rapas 1.
The As suffered their first 1-Day loss on the new grass wicket at St Pauls, slipping back into a share of 1st place on the table with HBHS and St Pauls.
The Bs started the day in hole by 60 on the first innings, but thanks to some tight bowling by Blackbourn the younger, and some good batting by Scott Stowers, they battled back to draw the game.
Not a super weekend results-wise, but some good team character shown by the Prems and Bs, which will stand them in good stead.... Match reports on the blog when received.
This Weekend:
The Prems start a 2-Day match against Fraser Tech @ Jansen (FT on covers Biggles)
The As start a 2-Day match against HBHS @ HBHS (Always a favourite fixture.) Rags Verma is playing Prems now boys..... Should make it a bit more fun.
The Bs have a limited overs match against Suburbs at Steele Park.
A special hello to Francois Botha who is resting up having smashed his face up on Eben Geldenhuis' knee. (Playing business house cricket.)  Francois broke his jaw a few times, and fractured his cheekbone. The injuries he sustained when his fiancee heard about it have not been disclosed. Francois is getting married in 2 weeks...... But the doctors say all the wires will be removed, and with a bit of make-up he will look fine.....
Hang in there Francois, we're thinking of you.
Eben also completely munted (technical term) his knee when he smashed up Francois. He get's no sympathy - he's old enough to know better..... Heal fast mate, you're positivity and slow-mediums are missed!
As always you should let your skipper know your availability ASAP - or e-mail starvarsity@hotmail.com.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Vintage Strokeplay

First Bobby

Then Nick

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This Weekend.


This weekend the Prems continue their 2-day match against Te Rapa, starting the day in a strong position.

The As play St Pauls at St Pauls, in their last 50 over match until after Xmas.

The Bs continue their 2 Day match against Suburbs and have a bit of work to do.

As always - let us know your availability ASAP - either txt the skipper or e-mail starvarsity@hotmail.com



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Senior Match Report vs Te Rapa 17/11/07

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning I left the physio recalling the last time we had played Te Rapa and the agonising 1 run loss.

While thinking that I hoped we could have that good a game again, but come out on the right side of the points, I checked my phone and had received a voicemail from Ru, explaining that it will be a 2 o’clock start as the ground wouldn’t be open until then. I texted the message to all my team to meet at 1.45, and went down to the pitch to check it out. Of course most of the team didn’t believe a word of it, and all turned up anyway! Most just wanting to see what it was like, except Chuck who didn’t understand the English somehow.

Anyway 1.30 rolled on and much rided on the toss. Tails never fails went through my head and at the last second I called heads! Heads it was and bowl first we did, and after a momentary hiccup for our team when Devcich and Hatwell went after us (including a hiccup for Devvy when he put a delivery from Shoston through his own car windscreen (couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (probably too many brackets now (where was I?)))), we sliced through them to bowl them out for 136.

Paul McGill the chief destroyer (not wanting to do to many PB’s in the dock) taking 5 for 44 of 9. Great support from all bowlers, with Cam taking 2 and Shoston getting his own back on Devcich.
As with previous years when star is bundled out early, the pitch gets slightly better for batting for the second team. After losing Kevin early, Braces and Commins put on a 40 run partnership to swing the match our way, before me and Commo put the game in our hands.

Some awesome late striking by Chuck, gave us a healthy lead including one massive 6 straight down the ground into the back of the hedge. A nice little cameo by Damo kept the game fully in our hands at the end of the day.

Great work by Commo to stay at the other end and good on him for only complaining about the light 5 times before finally coming in. An overall lead of 80 at the end of the day with 4 wickets in hand, good day for Star. There will be much anticipation to see what the pitch is like early next week!

The full board is here (courtesy of Hamilton Cricket)


Editors Note : I did the best I could, the writer may have been drunk.

Seniors Match Report vs Eastern Pirates

We won 80 overs – lost 10 overs. Lost the game. Cricket sux like that!

Eastern Pirates 176/9 off 50

Star 173 all out off 43 overs (we were 167/5 off 33 overs) I will cry for weeks!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bigham Calls Vettori - Offers Support.

According to a source close to events, Star Varsity Premier captain Aidan "Biggles" Bigham last night "reached out" to Black Caps skipper Dan Vettori.

The source goes on to say that Bigham wanted to let Vettori know, that just because the team collapses, often and without warning it doesn't mean that the captain is doing a bad job, and in fact no-one knows how hard their job is.

Vettori seemed touched by the gesture saying "I have no idea who that guy Abe Habbingham was, or how he got my number, he seemed really upset - I was glad I was able to help."

Vettori was also greatful for the reminder of the importance of protecting himself from stalkers.

Neither party would comment on rumoured plans to start a support group. Dean Barker, Richie McCaw, Adine Wilson had not return our calls at the time of writing.


Disclaimer - This article was not subject to approval by anyone, even the writer. Some or all of it may be made up.

Senior B- Day 1 of 2-dayer vs Suburbs.

Day 1 of 2-dayer vs Suburbs.

Suburbs 183 all out, 44 overs. Paul Melville 5 overs, 4/12.

Star V - 120 all out, 50 overs. Paul Melville 50. Obviously a fine double by Paul.

Our bowlers toiled adequately, but the Suburbs attack was a little more penetrative - their opening pair bowled the first 31 overs & had us 52/6 at that stage.

Star on Fire at Galloway

On the weekend....
After a delayed start the Prems stuck it to Te Rapa - bowling them out for 136 on a helpful deck and then smashing it to all parts to finish the day on 214/6. All particularly satisfying given the amount of chatter coming from the Te Rapa batsmen - they finished the day looking particularly downtrodden. (3 Minutes to curtain Mr Devcich......)
The As rolled over the top of Fraser Tech - bowling them out for 39, and knocking up the runs 2-down. The game started at 2pm and finished at 4:30pm.
The Bs are in a bit of a hole vs Suburbs, 60 behind on the first dig.
On Sunday the Prems snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Eastern Pirates in Rotorua. The club is providing counselling and support to those involved....
Match reports will be posted on the Blog as they come in... starvarsity.blogspot.com

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hi All,
A quick reminder that subs for the 2007/2008 season are due.
$110 for Students and Senior B players. $140 for the rest of us.
After Xmas those increase to $140 for students and Senior B and $170 for the rest.
You can give your subs to Mark Donnelly, or if you prefer please reply to this address and we'll send you the clubs bank account details and you can pay electronically.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FW: Info - Download.

If you haven't e-mailed us back or txted the skipper to let him know you are available this weekend then WHY THE HELL NOT? Do it now....



Hi All - Results from the weekend - the Prems (guttingly) faltered after bowling Suburbs out for 144, The Senior A side collected another solid win over Melville, at Melville (always a difficult assignment.) and the Bs collected their first win - behind a crafty 4-fer from a veteran....

As Meatloaf says - "Two out'a three ain't bad......."

This week the Prems start their 2-Day program playing Te Rapa, The As play a 50 over match against Fraser Tech and the Bs start a 2-dayer against Suburbs.

On Sunday the Prems have another crack at playing their ND Club Champs game against the Eastern Pirates.

The jungle drums tell us that there are a few guys out this week, so we'd like to get the numbers sorted early. Please e-mail us at starvarsity@hotmail.com or txt the skipper to let us know your availability.



Star Varsity vs Melville, A's, 10th November 2007

Another week on the tread mill that is the Hamilton Senior A 50 over competition. With Star having made a solid start to the campaign, the pressure was on the team to maintain performance and notch up another win against Melville who have been more than competitive in recent seasons.

The first major acheivement of the day was that the kit and eleven players met at the correct time at the ground. The usual amount of hand shaking was undertaken aspeople met for the first time and the captain of the day was elected (Eban Geldenhuis).

Eban proceeded to lose the toss and Melville, on the basis that the bulk of their team had not shown up at this stage, elected to bat.

The new ball was taken by Mike Rowlands and made an immediate impact in his first over having their opening batsman caught at cover attempting an outrageous drive. This was quickly followed up with Glen Nyschen performing a repeat dose of "the hip-throw" and securing a fine run-out at the bowlers end from fine leg.

Melville consolidated their position well at this point through a variety of dogged batting and the unorthodox as an unnerving number of boundaries were hit. The introduction of Ferdie Fourie into the attack brought immediate rewards, a fine first over of 5 outswingers and an inswinger which clipped the top of off-stump as the batsman shouldered arms.

Next ball brought a caught and bowled dismissal and the hat trick was on but ultimately not successful.

A good partnership developed as the Star spinners, Rohit and Glen, struggled to get into their work but Ferdie bowling straight through his 10 over finished with fine figures of 4-32 off 10.

Melville's innings was held together with a fine 63* by some bloke called Cargo but the only shipping he did was of the ball to the boundary. Rohit Bawa came back well in his second spell to clean up the Melville tail leaving 182 for the win.

35 extras were again conceded and will have to be worked on before they do some serious damage to the team. A couple of dropped catches also blighted what essentially was a fine day in the field for the team. Rowlands - 10 overs, 1 for 24. Eban, 8 overs, 0-33. Glen 10 overs 0-55, Rohit 8 overs, 2-35

Star set about the total in brisk fashion with Rick Fourie dealing to any wayward bowling but could only watch with despair as Zeb lost his leg stump leaving a ball on a wearing Melville pitch.

Next out came Cory who started his innings with a procession of fantastic straight drives as He and Rick put together a good fifty run partnership which was ended when Rick played all round a straight half volley for 25.

Richard 'Dicey' Clay came in at 4 and was intent on giving the ball a good lash, this lasted for 11 runs before looking at a bird whilst the ball was bowled (the only excuse we could think of as to why he was looking skywards at the point of ball vs stump). Andy Stirling came and went for no score as he dragged his foot whilst the keeper was standing up.

Pom was next in and a partnership of 52 was formed with Cory as Melville rolled through their limited bowling resources.

Cory was next to fall for 43, playing-on to another half volley that he arrived a little early to - a 'Phil' moment as it were.

Ferdie came and went for 7 as he unluckily fell caught behind off the back off his bat as the ball came up from hitting his pads. The remaining 60 runs were seen off by some fine hitting by Mikey Rowlands and Pom as the total was chased down after 38 overs. Pom finished on a typically dogged 44* and Rowlands on 31* as a 4 wicket win was registered.

On the whole a good day at the office with fine bowling performances and 4 scores of 25+ in the batting. The team needs to focus on the number of wides it is sending down and ensuring that we do not drop class opposition players or eventually this will cost us games. Next up is Tech and we will need to ensure we get numbers available with a number of absentees listed for the week.

The 13th Man...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Info - Download.

Hi All - Results from the weekend - the Prems (guttingly) faltered after bowling Suburbs out for 144, The Senior A side collected another solid win over Melville, at Melville (always a difficult assignment.) and the Bs collected their first win - behind a crafty 4-fer from a veteran....
As Meatloaf says - "Two out'a three ain't bad......."
This week the Prems start their 2-Day program playing Te Rapa, The As play a 50 over match against Fraser Tech and the Bs start a 2-dayer against Suburbs.
On Sunday the Prems have another crack at playing their ND Club Champs game against the Eastern Pirates.
The jungle drums tell us that there are a few guys out this week, so we'd like to get the numbers sorted early. Please e-mail us at starvasity@hotmail.com or txt the skipper to let us know your availability.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Results and the weekend ahead.

On the weekend the Prems lost narrowly, matching Old Boys for 80 out of 100 overs. The Bs lost again, but put in an improved effort. Fortunately, the As saved the day with an efficient win over Suburbs.

This weekend the Prems go up against Suburbs on Galloway #1. The As have Melville at Melville and the Bs have St Johns Old Boys at Jansen #1.

Let the skipper know by return e-mail or txt. Knowing up front who is available makes organising the team much easier. It's a minor thing for you but a big deal for us!!



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Senior Result vs Old Boys 03/11/07

Playing on the same pitch as last week, and after the overnight rain, the best time to bowl on the pitch looked like early morning.

The captain therefore lost the toss and was sent into bat!

Skip said 230 would be a good score, as it would get lower as the day went on, and after 25 overs we were 0 (thats right ZERO) wickets down for 107.

Kevin and Mark put on 117 for the first wicket but we couldn't carry that momentum on and faltered in the second 25 overs. We didn't bat in partnerships like we did against Te Rapa, and kept losing a wicket just as we looked to get settled, 5 players in double figures, only the 2 openers over 20!

Eventually all out for 196 in the 45th over - balls remaining which would prove vital at the end of the day.

Old Boys, after losing their openers early, started to get on top with Horsely and Shutte settling into a partnership.

Shoston broke through getting them both in consecutive overs caught at mid on and off respectively. This put the breaks on the scoring, and after 25 overs Old Boys were 4 down, for a similar score to ours.

We went into the break positive, another couple of wickets and we'd be on top. And while we kept chipping away, taking a wicket every few overs, Greg Steele batted through to the end, making 60 NO to get Old Boys home with 8 balls to spare.

A much improved fielding effort kept us in the game, and helped back up the bowlers who bowled in great lines and lengths, but the game was lost in the 5 overs we didn't bat.

First two games of the season, great team efforts, everyone is contributing, and it shouldn't be too long until we register our first point of the competition.

Scoreboard here courtesy of HCA

Senior A Result vs Suburbs 3/11/07

The As fielded a strong side and the day started well when 'Burbs agreed to bat sans a toss (on a patchy damp wicket.).

The Burbs openers never looked settled and Yapper got the ball rolling with an authentic hip-throw to score a direct hit run-out. (Coaching works)

Wickets fell at regular intervals, with Stu Pilling, Dan Hennebry, Mike Rowlands and Mark Donnelly sharing the spoils.

Burbs were bowled out in less than 30 overs for 103.

In reply Star had a few wobbles up top with the Fourie Furies falling early. Zeb batted patiently to settle things down before being caught dead in front.

From there it was plain(ish) sailing with old heads Pom (38) and Gareth (44) seeing us home.

Star 104/3.

Senior B Result 3/11/07

1-dayer vs Te Rapa @ Jansen.

Star V, another disappointing batting effort, 66 all out (James Bailey 41, the other 10 batsmen totalled 11 runs).
Seven batsmen bowled, four by a pacy & accurate Tony McCowatt.

Te Rapa 68/5 - Shaun Blackbourn on a hattrick but this time couldn't convert.

An improved bowling/fielding effort had the opposition 'on edge' at 16/4 but they had the depth to seal the match comfortably in the end.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hamilton Cricket have launched a website!

Check out www.hamiltoncricket.co.nz/

It has all the draws, plus Senior results including scorecards.

Also there is all of the rep stuff....