Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hamilton Star University Selection Policy

The purpose of the selection policy is to ensure that all club members understand how selections are made at the club.

The policy is intended to make the selection process transparent and fair to all players, regardless of ability, grade and time at the club.


The selection panel will be made up of the Selection Manager, along with the Senior and Senior A Captain, with all three being responsible for selection of the Senior and Senior A teams.

The selection manager is appointed by the board at the beginning of the season.

The Senior B team will be selected by the Senior B Captain, in conjunction with the Selection Manager.

It is the job of the selection manager to make sure that selection occurs in an organized fashion, and according to the selection policy.

In the event of a dispute, the final decision rests with the selection manager.


Each Monday it is the responsibility of the three team captains to ensure that the results from the previous weekend are distributed.

Teams should be announced at training on Thursday evening, attention should be drawn to players who have achieved promotion through performance.

Players who are dropped from the team they played for on the previous weekend should be notified by the team captain before the team is announced.

If their availability is already established, players who are being promoted should not be notified before the teams are read out.


Teams are to be selected on Thursday night. For two-day games, preference is to be given to players who are available for both days. An exception will be made for players who are unavailable due to representative commitments.

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that the selection panel is aware that they are available, BEFORE or during Thursday training.

If training is cancelled then deadline for notification of availability is 6pm on Thursday.

Selection Criteria

Players will be selected according to the following criteria:



Performance, actual and expected.

Results, contribution to team success.


Past performance, for Star or another club.


Availability, Attendance at training, contribution to team and club environment.

Board Input on Selection

The Board may direct the selectors not to consider a player for selection for one or any team for the following reasons:

  • Non payment of subscriptions.
  • Breach of the Code of Conduct.


In the event that a player believes that they have been unfairly treated with regards to selection they should discuss the issue with the Club Captain, Reg Prasad.

If the Club Captain is not able to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the player, then the player should write to the board asking it to review the issue.

Any club member involved in the dispute will not participate in the board review.


When a player is promoted from a lower grade team they must be given an opportunity to perform in their specialist role.

That means:

  • Players who would normally bat in positions 1-6 in must bat within positions 1-7 in the side into which they are promoted.
  • Every effort should be made to provide bowlers who fill front-line positions within their lower grade team with the opportunity to bowl when they are promoted.

The exception to this rule is when a player is promoted from Senior B to Senior Grade. In this situation the player and Senior Captain should come to an agreement prior to the naming of the team. (i.e. If the player is to be a specialist fielder, this should occur with their agreement.)


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