Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday cricket, from the HCA

Hello all, just to let you know the current state of parks for play on saturday (weather permitting).
If you are unsure of whether we are playing or have not been contacted regarding cancellations you can contact me on saturday morning at 84567438 or 027340321.
Current state of grounds is that Steele is playable and hopefully they have finished mowing Clyde, however there are still some goal posts up which shouldnt impede on the game.
Innes common has been mowed and marked however it was heavy with grass and there is clumps of cut grass every where.
Swarbrick is the worst and they have not yet got the goal posts down, it may be that we will have to change this venue if things do not improve.
I would ask that all teams take cones or markers to the grounds as the boundary and inner circles are faint.
For Premier teams I have brought black insulation tape for each team to be used as a mark of respect for the loss of our old cricket campaigners Eddy Marr, Eric Thomas and Doug Hemi.
I will also bring score sheets to each Premier team.
If this weekend is rained off we will push the competition back a week in order to get a full round off 20/20 in as from looking at the weekends available we can still fit everything in.


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