Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Trainings Are Under Way!

Sunday Trainings at the new nets started last weekend - and went great.

Andrew ran a session comprising of some good warm-ups, a few basic batting technique checks, and then batting and bowling scenarios.

Thanks to everyone who came down.

We will be running sessions every Sunday at 1pm from now until the start of the season. These will be coached sessions, so please show up in time to start the session at 1:05pm.

This Sunday, Cliff Dickeson, one of the best coaches in the Wiakato will be running a session for us - so get down and make the most of your great new facilities.

Leading up to the season (which is still a hell of a long way off) Andrew is happy to run sessions on Tuesday and Thursday for those that can make it. These will be 10-12 or 1-3. If you are keen for these then please let us know what day and what time suits. These sessions will start from the 27th.

Okeys lads - we have the best training facilities in the Waikato - make the most of them.



Friday, July 02, 2010

Behold the Cathedral of Cricket

You guys might be getting a bit sick of all this pics now - but here's a few more of the nets - up and ready to go.

The building is basically a greenhouse, with a bit of extra framing to hang the nets off. So as long as it's sunny it's fairly warm in there.

In the summer the sides and back can be wound up to keep the breeze blowing - flash as.

The area behind the nets is 35 paces long - easily big enough for fielding drills (and shuttles).

The gravel pad behind the nets will be filled in soon, you can see the big PVC curtain that is pulled across the back of the nets to keep the weather out.

These are the winders for the sides...