Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is a hell of a lot going on at the moment – so we thought we'd send you a note to get you up to speed.



Prems and As started their limited overs comp last weekend. 


The As chased down 174 and you can read Stirlos short story about it on the blog. The Prems lost narrowly, but Daimo got his name in the paper for taking 28 off the last over. He was stoked, to put it mildly.


I'm sure that Mark C will have an account of the prems match on the blog any day now.


C Team

This weekend the third team kicks it into gear. The self proclaimed Star All-Stars is playing in the C Grade competition and will feature some new faces and some really, really old faces. 


Start of Season Function

To celebrate the start of the season the club invites you all to the Eastside Tavern on Saturday night for some drinks. Kick-Off is at 7pm.



Subscriptions are now due.

Subs may be paid by direct debit or by cash/cheque.

Standard Subs are $140 before Xmas OR $170 after Xmas.

Cs players and Students pay  $110 before Xmas OR $140 after Xmas.


If you would like to pay by direct credit, please email and we'll provide the details.



Construction of the new nets is about to start. (Have you seen the photos on the blog?)

We know that the nets at out temporary home at Galloway aren't that flash – but it's only for a short while, and then we'll have the best nets in the Tron.


Blog For Us

Star Varsity has a blog for news, game updates, general musings of the secretary and anything else you'd care to see there.


If you would like to blog for Star then email and we'll set it up!


The address of the blog is


That's all – good luck for the week ahead.






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